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Ahrens W, Bammann K, de Henauw S, Halford J, Palou A, Pigeot I, Siani A, Sjostrom M ; European Consortium of the IDEFICS Project Gianni was an active member of the IDEFICS consortium from the very beginning. He was one of the main investigators of the group from the Institute of Food Sciences, National Research Council Haerens L, De Bourdeaudhuij I, Barba G, IDEFICS Consortium (2009) Developing the IDEFICS community-based intervention program to enhance eating behaviors in 2‑ to 8‑year-old children: findings from focus groups with children and parents. on behalf of the IDEFICS consortium]. Prospective associations between social vulnerabil-ities and children’s weight status. Results from the IDEFICS study.

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Neovius M, Janson, A.,Rössner, S. Prevalence of Obesity in Sweden. Obesity. Reviews. 2006;7(1):1-3. Developing the IDEFICS community-based intervention program to enhance eating behaviors in 2- to 8-year-old children: Findings from focus groups with  behalf of the IDEFICS and I. Family consortia and Sahlgrenska akademin and Paola and IDEFICS Consortium and Sahlgrenska akademin and Institute of  Hunsberger M. Children consuming milk cereal drink are at increased risk for overweight: the IDEFICS Sweden study, on behalf of the IDEFICS Consortium. EUROCADET Jan Willem Coebergh, Erasmus Medical Centre, University of Rotterdam; IDEFICS European Agriculture and Health Consortium.

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IDEFICS consortium: Wolfgang Ahrens , Stefaan De Henauw , Kirsten Buchecker , Michel de Lorgeril , Arno Fraterman , Claudio Galli , Licia Iacoviello , Vittorio Krogh , Staffan Mârild , Dénes Molnár , Luis Moreno , Andreu Palou , Yannis Pitsiladis , Mark P Rayson , Lucia A Reisch , Alfonso Siani , Michalis Tornaritis , Toomas Veidebaum , Garrath D Wiliams , Laura Fernandez Gwozdz W, Reisch LA, on behalf of the IDEFICS consortium. Instruments for assessing the role of commercials on children’s food choices.

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Idefics consortium

Journal of Sleep Research , 28 (2), [e12783].

Idefics consortium

Scandinavian Journal of Public Health 2014 42: 6, … Kirsten Mehlig, Irene Blomqvist, Sofia Klingberg, Marta Bianchi, Josefin Sjons, Monica Hunsberger, Lauren Lissner. Public health nutrition - 2020-01-01. Cross-sectional and longitudinal associations between sleep duration, sleep quality, and bone stiffness in European children and.
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High-sensitivity C-reactive protein is a predictive factor of adiposity in children: results of the identification and prevention of dietary- and lifestyle-induced health effects in children and infants (IDEFICS) To compare the intake of total sugars, foods and drinks rich in added sugar, and energy in children on weekdays (Monday–Thursday), Fridays and weekends. Dietary intake (g, kJ, energy %) was IDEFICS consortium, 2010 Övervikt och fetma hos ca 16.000 2-9-åringa i 8 europeiska länder.

Gwozdz W, Reisch LA, on behalf of the IDEFICS consortium. Instruments for assessing the role of commercials on children’s food choices. In: Bammann K, Lissner L, Pigeot I, Ahrens W, editors.
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These include 1. Written, audio-visual or oral/poster presentations and lectures at congresses, symposia and workshops 2. Original contributions, reports, reviews, editorials, commentaries, and letters in scientific journals Prevalence and determinants of childhood overweight and obesity in European countries: pooled analysis of the existing surveys within the IDEFICS Consortium Int J Obes (Lond) .

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The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) will enable and accelerate adoption of the Industrial Internet which is essential to growth and competitiveness in key  SUBJECTS/METHODS:In the IDEFICS study, 8624 children aged 2.0-9.9 years from eight European countries were examined at baseline and after 2 years. The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) was founded in 2014 to further development, adoption and wide-spread use of interconnected machines, intelligent  We analyze the idea and look for national and European funding programs. We search for the key players to create a strong consortium and we prepare all the  IeDEA is an international research consortium established in 2006 by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to provide a rich resource for … av L Arvidsson · 2017 — behalf of the IDEFICS consortium. BMI, eating habits and sleep in relation to salivary counts of mutans streptococci in children – the IDEFICS  av S Regber · 2014 · Citerat av 7 — in Early Childhood: A Focus on Parents Results from the IDEFICS Study Shiakou M, De Henauw S on behalf of the IDEFICS consortium. Idefics-studien: övervikt och exklusiv amning Välling i Idefics-studien: en risk-faktor för utveckling av fetma. Välling- on behalf of the IDEFICS consortium -. html.